An Automatic STI? Not Quite, but makes power like one!

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An Incredible Slush Box makes

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May 14, 2010

James ?Jimmy? Mcquad of NY owns a 2005 WRX that he has modified to become a street legal drag car. What makes this so incredible is the fact that this WRX has an automatic transmission and a VF34 turbo. Jimmy bought the car brand new in 2005 and got an automatic transmission. Not because it was the only one left on the lot, but because he wanted his wife to be able to drive it too. The other reason was because he lives in an area that is generally congested with traffic! We all know the one draw back to having a manual, is getting stuck in traffic and having to play with the clutch all day. The automatic transmission eliminates this problem.

We all know the feeling of getting bit by the ?mod bug? and in this case it bit hard! Jimmy started off, by installing K&N Typhoon intake, and then took the car to Billy at North Coast Subaru. There they installed a Perrin up-pipe, and a Perrin down pipe. To finish the exhaust system a Greddy EVO2 cat-back was bolted on, then an ECUTEK Stg. 2 re-flash was programmed into the cars ECU.

This was not enough to satisfy Jimmy. It was then off to Sammy at Level 10 transmission in NY, where the tranny was overhauled. Hardened gears were installed with a huge transmission cooler to keep the temperature down. The AWD system was strengthened; they upgraded the torque converter, and also installed heavy duty transmission mounts.

With his transmission now ?bulletproof?, he headed back to North coast Subaru where the engine was torn apart and internals were upgraded. Crowler cams and bearings were put in place of the stockers, and Ross pistons were installed as well. To go with the new internals, he chose an IHI VF34 turbo to power his Scooby. STi ?pink? injectors and a Walbro fuel pump fed the engine, while a set of Perrin fuel rails and regulator passed the fuel to the injectors. To help aid the turbo with incoming air, he had a Perrin turbo inlet hose installed. STi engine mounts were also installed, translating wasted engine movement into forward thrust a little quicker. With a few other components, his automatic WRX was now ready to be put to the test!

Jimmy loves the look of the STi so he decided to make his look like one. He installed a STi rear spoiler, STi hood scoop, STi fog-light covers and all the necessary stickers and badges all around. In fact, looking at it, you would swear that this was a STi. The only way you can tell is if you open the hood and see the silver intake manifold, as well as the brakes. Jimmy did decide to install a StopTech Stg. 2 kit, to bring the beast to a stop.

A while later, Jimmy took his car to English Town Raceway Park, where he blew away the competition running a 12.2 second quarter mile at 109 MPH on Race Gas!

He was so happy that all this time, money and hard work finally paid off.

Jimmy has beat many STi?s as well as a couple Corvette?s! This is no easy feat. A 350+ HP AWD monster beating a 500+ racing machine deserves bragging rights! Jimmy would like to thank all the people that made it possible for this to happen. North Coast Subaru, ECUTEK, Level 10 Transmission, his family, and last but not least, all the guys at ScoobyTuner!

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