VEHICLE: Mitsubishi, Ralliart, 2009 - 2012

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  • Blow Off Valves
    Blow off valves (BOVs) are all the rage! The BOV affects throttle response, saves your turbo from back pressure, and reduces turbo spool-up in between shifts. Furthmore, if you plan on making more than 17 psi boost...You need to replace the stock BOV.
  • Fitted Blow Off Valves
  • Universal Blow Off Valves

  • Boost Controllers
    Increasing Boost is one of the simplest ways to pump up the power!
  • Manual Boost Controllers
  • Electronic Boost Controllers

  • Brake Systems
    Power is NOTHING without CONTROL!!!
    The most powerful component on a car should be its braking system.
    Replace the inadequate factory brakes with some real stopping power!

  • Big Brake Kits
  • Brake Upgrade Kits
  • Brake Pads
  • Brake Rotors
  • Brake Calipers
  • Staniless Steel Brake Lines
  • Misc. Brake Parts

  • Cool Stuff
    Cool Stuff...Accessories, Shoes, and more...

    Cooling Systems
    High Performance Radiators, Hoses, Caps and Cooling Accesories.

    Putting Power to the Wheels...
  • Clutch Sets and Flywheel
  • Gear & Differentials Sets
  • Transmission Mounts
  • Tranmission Coolers
  • Gear Lube & Transmission Fluids
  • Short Shifters
  • Shift Knobs
  • Axles & Drive Lines
  • Misc. Bushing

  • Electronics
    Engine Management, Boost Controllers, Gauges, Pods, etc.

    Engine Parts
    This Engine has a ton of potential to make a lot of power!
  • Engine Management
  • Tune-up Parts
  • Fuel systems,
  • Exhaust Headers/Manifolds,
  • Hoses,
  • Pulleys
  • Fluids

  • Exhaust System
    A new performance exhaust system is the best place to start when modifying your vehicle. Each system we carry is designed for a direct fit with no modifications, unless specified.

  • Axle Backs/Mufflers
  • Catback Systems
  • Downpipes Catted/Catless
  • Hanger/Gaskets & More!
  • Exhaust Headers/Manifolds
  • Turbobacks
  • Up-Pipes

  • Exterior
    Wings, Spoilers, Decals, Lighting, etc.

    Synthetic Oil, Gear Lubes and other Performance Fluids.

    Fuel Systems
    The right air/fuel mixture is a huge factor in POWER OUTPUT. Also, running the engine too lean or too rich, leads to DETONATION and engine failure.

    A cold air intake (which takes its air usually from a fender well) tries to feed the engine with colder or denser air. An intake is typically worth 9-15 hp (depending on engine management). A side benefit of a cold air intake is that great "sucking" or gulping sound the engine makes when you get on the gas.

    Shifters, Knobs, Trim, Floor Mats, Etc.

    Race Gear
    Helmets, Shoes, Gloves, Harnesses, Etc.

  • Alignment & Chassis Parts
  • Ball Joints/Tie Rods
  • Chassis Braces
  • Coil Overs
  • Control Arms
  • Springs
  • Sway Bars
  • Struts & Shocks
  • End Links

  • Turbos/Kits
    & Accessories

  • Turbo Chargers; OEM and Performance
  • Boost Controllers
  • Turbo Timers
  • Blow Off Valves; Manual & Electronic
  • Intercoolers; TMIC & FMIC
  • Turbo Inlet Tubes; Stanless Steel and Silicone
  • Oil Catch Cans/ Air Oil Seperators
  • External Wastegates
  • Turbo Heat Sheilds/Blankets
  • Brackets/Block Off's/Plugs.....ETC!!

  • Wheels/Tires
    One of the most popular upgrades, wheels can enhance the look and/or performance of your ride. Acceleration, handling, and braking can all be improved with Light Weight Wheels.




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