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It's best to add a high flow filter


Resonator Box Removal...A cheap alternative to a cold air intake.

The intake resonator chamber is located inside the passenger side fender-well. The resonator chamber is basically a muffler designed to reduce the intake noise. However, it also restricts intake airflow. Removing it will allow your turbo to ?breathe? easier and should result in a slight performance gain. A side benefit is that you will be able to hear the turbo spool-up better as well as the stock bypass valve when it goes off.

Note: The car will be noticeably noisier as you will hear the turbo spool up, the engine rev, and the bypass valve go off. If you are trying to keep the car ?stock quiet?, we do not recommend doing this mod.

  1. First, remove the air intake duct. It is in the front on the passenger side and is a black plastic duct that runs from the front of the engine bay into the passenger side fender-well. Use a 10mm socket wrench to remove the two bolts at the front of the air intake duct.

  2. Next, remove the air cleaner case. Although the resonator chamber can be removed without taking out the air cleaner case, we find it was easier to do it with the air cleaner case out of the way and it only takes 5 minutes or so to remove it, so why not!

    • Unclip the MAF sensor plug and move to side.

    • Pop out hoses and throttle cable from supports and move to side .

    • Use a flat head screwdriver to loosen hose clamp closest to air cleaner case.

    • Unclip clips on air cleaner case.

    • Remove top of air cleaner case and air filter and put off to the side.

    • Using a 12mm socket wrench with extension, remove the two (2) bolts holding the bottom of the air cleaner case in place.

    • Remove the bottom of the air cleaner case from the car and place to the side.
  3. In order to get access to the resonator chamber, you now need to jack up the front passenger side of the car and remove the front tire. Use jack stands to support the car while you are working!

  4. Remove the plastic covers inside the wheel well by popping out all of the various fasteners holding them in place. Be careful not to damage the fasteners as you pop them out. We suggest you organize the fasteners as you take them off so you know what clip goes where when you re-install the covers (maybe duct tape them to the cover near the hole).
  5. Now you can finally remove the resonator chamber! Use a 10mm crescent wrench to remove the two bolts holding the resonator chamber in place. One bolt is in the engine bay at the top of the resonator and the other is on the opposite side, underneath the resonator. Be sure to remove grommets when removing the bolts so that you may replace the resonator chamber in the future if you desire.

  6. Replace wheel well covers and the tire and lower car back to the floor.
  7. Replace the air cleaner case [2] by reversing the steps in 2 above. If you are replacing the air filter with the K&N panel filter, skip to Section 3 now, replace the filter and than come back when you are done.

    This is what the factory resonator looks like...

  8. Replace the air intake duct.

  9. You can seal the air cleaner case to the fender well with some hardware store adhesive backed weather stripping. You can seal the air intake duct to the fender well by wrapping the end in adhesive backed foam tape.

Replace the stock filter with the Perrin or K&N Filter.

GP Moto has come out with a plastic "elbow" that now connects the stock air box with the flat intake piece that comes out the front grill.

In essense, you get the best of both worlds...A Cold Air Intake (as it pulls air from the front of the car and not the engine compartment) while maintaining the correct sensor readings from the mass air flow sensor (the main benefit of using the stock air box).

It makes a lot of sense for $59 to clean things up and to pull air from the front of the car.

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